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Magroll 95mm Industrial Insulated Roller Doors

are a bespoke design by D4 products. We are the first in Ireland and the UK to produce a one-piece industrial insulated roller lath – every aspect of this product has been carefully designed from the choice of material to the unique shape of the profile. Below are some of the advantages of choosing our superior product:

  • Use of Plasticol coated steel ensures long lifespan and very good anti-scratch & wear properties.
  • With a one-piece lath the PU insulation is chemically bonded to the outer skin ensuring the most rigid of laths.
  • The design of our lath ensures that the profile rolls into a much smaller roll than other two-piece laths, which is great news for applications where space is limited.
  • We produce a bespoke extruded bottom slat with a rubber extruded profile to seal the door to the floor.
  • An independent thermal assessment has given our door a U value of 1.1 W/m²K on the individual lath, and 3.3 W/m²K on a complete assembled door.
  • 95mm side guides are also a unique D4 Products design, with pre-punched holes to install the brush carriers and ensure quiet running. This has been tested to 22dB less than a standard shutter door inclusive of flanking effects.
  • There is a standard range of 18 Platicol colours available for the 95mm laths, however special colours can be produced (subject to minimum quantities).

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